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About the Journal

The Journal of Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development is dedicated to scholarly and high quality research publications that adopt the scientific methodology. This methodology, common in the natural and social sciences, but less common in economics, is the inductive methodology, whereby truth is sought on the basis of establishing empirical evidence. In 1978, when Deng Xiaoping argued that it was necessary to drop ideological blinkers in order to progress, he replaced ideology with the call and the imperative to “Seek truth from facts”. Since facts are in the past, whether in the form of data or other factual information, including concerning institutions, such a scientific and empirical approach to economics often adopts a historical perspective or analyses data series statistically.

Concerning empirical econometric methods, the Journal for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development again favours the scientific approach, which is to allow the data to reveal its behaviour, instead of allowing prior biases to dictate the analysis of data. Thus the general to specific econometric methodology is favoured. Overall, the journal is a pluralistic journal, open to all approaches, and especially aims to provide scientific researchers with platform to present their important insights and findings. As the title indicates, topics include banking, finance, monetary economics, macroeconomics, growth, development and sustainability, as well as economic history and the history of economic thought.